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Alvan Hudson said:   July 9, 2017 6:21 pm PST
My name is Alvan Hudson, I want to use this medium to testify on how Dr Zuma cured me of HERPES VIRUS. I lived with this virus that I almost gave up on fate to die as a victim to the dreaded virus but thank God for directing me to Dr Zuma, a herbal medical doctor who was able to cure me of this affliction by sending me a herbal drink to make use of. Today I am hale and hearty. Dr Zuma is also capable of curing dreaded viruses, sickness and diseases like HIV, ARTHRITIS, HERPES etc.You can contact him via or, his web/site or call/whatsapp him through his mobile number +2348119007839

Jack said:   July 7, 2017 1:07 am PST
thanks to Dr JOHN who cured me of HIV i contact HIV in school. The symptoms were already showing in me due to my incessant failing health untie a Friend saw Dr JOHN recommendation online, on how he has helped so many people and we decided to reach him and he applied his herbal medicine on me and i bounce back to my previous health status in case u want to reach him for a similar issue u can call his email address. Email: { } call or whats-app +2347064365391 Or contact him hesitate to email him, Or Whatsapp me +19168487836 Name Jackso Hiv. Low sperm. Count. Hapatitis B. Fallopion tube blockage and infertility. Weak erection and small penis

drluck said:   July 4, 2017 11:43 am PST
Thanks to the great ODALOEGHE herbalist doctor that has cured many people of HPV DISEASE today i am here to testify on his wonders on my life. for changing my life for the better after all the frustration of getting cured finally i got introduce to DR. ODALOEGHE for which i believe has a cured after reading all his testimonies. after writing to him. he responded quick to me that i will be cured for my HPV DISEASE once i am able to receive his herbal medicine. afterwards he prepared my herbal cure and sent to me and when i did received it and used it. i was surprised that there was changes going on in my body. behold after using the medicine for the days he assured me that i should go and test myself. and getting there i was found HPV negative, and even the doctor was surprise and told me this can only be a miracle. i'm completely cured today and that happened by the great herbal remedy. contact DR. odaloeghe Now on his or his WhatsApp Number::+2347064803157 or his website

marlene said:   July 1, 2017 4:46 am PST
Hi everyone i have been diagnosed of herpes for more than five years now not until this powerful dr was introduce to me by my niece that he could cure me but i never believed because i have come across so many scammers before but after many days of doubting i decided to give the dr a try he took only one week for me to receive the medication from dr ohikhobo through the dhl service after receiving it,he directed me on how to use it .Two weeks later he told me to go for check up and my dr confirmed that i was freed from herpes.for does of you who think there is no cure for herpes stop doubting contact dr ohikhobo at or is whatssap number +2348103601042 and see for yourself.Here is his website

frank said:   June 30, 2017 3:07 pm PST
I Am thomas mark from ALEXANDRA, GAUTENG. i created this page to give hope and support to those infected with HIV/AIDS its not the end of the world. I was once a patient of Hiv for 7 years without any form of support or antiroviral medication until i was introduced to a native doctor from Nigeria who i met and prepared and gave me a native medicine i had to take for 30 days when i got back home i was discouraged with the nature of the medicine but my mother encouraged me and i took it for 30 days according to the instructions he gave me. And to my greatest suprise a week later i went for a test and it was stated that i am negative with CD4 COUNT OF 1800 it was not something i could say out that moment i cried and thank God for giving me a second chance to leave a free life again. I made a promise to him that am going to publish his work with the best way i can if i get my healing for sure. i have been discriminated and fooled by people just because i was infected thinking its the end of my life. PLEASE I WANT TO URGE YOU LIVING WITH THIS DISEASE NOT TO CONTACT ANY OF THIS ONLINE DOCTORS THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS. THIS IS Dr or whastpp him +2348109666966 thanks

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